Welcome to Talking Translation

A new series of conversations between writers, editors and translators.

At Parthian, we’ve long been aware of the heroics of the translator – a bridge between cultures, the average translator does far more than simply convert a book from one language to another. In fact, it’s often the translators who guide us towards new voices, exciting work, and really drive the process of getting diverse stories into the hands of entirely fresh readerships. Translators are the key to widening our horizons, and that’s why we want to talk to them.

So we’ve commissioned writers, editors and organisers to sit down with a translator and delve into every aspect of what they do, looking at old and new releases along the way. Throughout 2021, we’ll be sharing their interviews and essays here online – freely available for anyone to read, thanks to our friends and supporters. We hope that these conversations help to spark some interest in the important work of translating good stories into new languages – as well as celebrate some of the brilliant books we’ve seen translated over the years.

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